EcoInput Lighting Controller

Turn any light switch into an intelligent energy management device with an EcoInput managed controller. Brand standards, or aesthetic considerations, can dictate the specific light switches featured in guest rooms. When you wire an EcoInput controller inline with the switch, you now have an intelligent, managed light switch.

Length - 1.73” (4.4 cm); Width - 1.54” (3.9 cm); Height- 0.67” (1.7 cm)

Don’t waste money needlessly upgrading your existing light switches.

Occupants can continue to use the light switches as they normally do. With an EcoInput, lighting can be controlled locally via existing switch, or remotely via Zigbee radio. Add an EcoInput to the existing light switch, and an energy management system can override controls, turning power on, off, or dimmed based on occupancy, an EMS profile, or any other trigger from the EMS.

Wire the EcoInput to existing light switches using fast and easy screw-terminal connections. One EcoInput can be wired to one switch, or as a three-way switch configuration.

Key Features of the EcoInput

Automatically controls energy usage

Use existing switches

Use any style and brand light switch

Works with toggle and on/off type switches

Part of an energy management platform

On/off/dimming control

Title 24 Compliance

ZigBee HA 1.2 Compliant

Smart Energy Management

A cost-effective Title 24 solution

The EcoInput will also assist properties in implementing Title 24 compliant projects by pairing the EcoSmart thermostat with an EcoInput lighting controller. Using an EcoInput as the first switch in the lighting circuit is a cost-effective and compliant Title 24 solution.

Learn more about Title 24 compliance

Pair with the EcoTouch+

The EcoInput is installed with your existing wall switch, allowing you to upgrade to smart lighting without changing your current property look and feel. When the thermostat sensor detects the room is unoccupied, it wirelessly controls the switch to deactivate the lighting circuit. It can readily serve as the room’s master switch. With the EcoInput and EcoSmart platform, a load shed event can be transparent to occupants, maintaining room comfort while conforming to Title 24 regulations.

Learn more about the EcoTouch+
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