EcoTouch+ Wireless Thermostat

The EcoTouch+ wireless thermostat user interface with internal occupancy detection offers a flexible state-of-the-art room automation and energy savings solution with a sleek, updated, ultra-thin and modern design. Our wireless remote display offers complete freedom to install it anywhere, integrating the EcoTouch+ into the overall interior design; and when room renovations dictate relocation, moving the EcoTouch+ only takes a few minutes.

Available in Black or White and Silver or Gold side color bands

Best-in-Class Occupancy Sensors

Telkonet boasts best-in-class occupancy sensing technology with ultra-sensitive wide-angle passive infrared and active IR detection. No more false readings: the EcoTouch+ will not switch to unoccupied mode when your guest is sleeping and it will not remain in an occupied mode when vacant.

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Key Features of the EcoTouch+

Best-in-class built-in occupancy sensors

Customizable trim ring

Haptic feedback (light vibration when touching screen icons)

Ultra-thin: only 15mm deep

Wired or wireless


Outdoor weather feed

Updated design with a full-color capacitive touch flat screen

Customizable touchscreen interface

Stand-alone or networked

Traditional thermostat buttons replaced with icons on glass

Future-proof: over-the-air (OTA) updates

Smart Energy Management System

Technology Ready for Integration

Provide your guest with an inviting welcome scene. As soon as your guest checks in, the PMS alerts the EcoSmart system, and a new temperature setpoint is sent to the thermostat. EcoSmart technology integrates seamlessly with other in-room technology providers such as Axxess Industries, Crestron, Control4, Lutron, Salto, Saflok, Somfy,Vingcard and many others that include entry locks, lighting, motorized shades and power outlets controlling the TV and lamps.

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EcoTouch+ in a Fully Integrated Suite

Together, the EcoSmart energy management platform of wireless devices report back to EcoCentral. The energy monitoring system's data is analyzed and results in real-time reporting to track progress toward total efficiency goals. Installation is versatile, customizable and scalable. We understand no two buildings are the same and communicating over wireless networks offers flexibility, allowing for customized system designs that will work best for each customer.

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